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The Delaware Claims Processing Facility (DCPF) is pleased to announce that the Celotex Online System will soon be migrated into the Trust Online System.  We anticipate that this transition will occur within the next two months.  This transition is part of our on-going goal to provide you with the best possible tools to manage your claim inventory. The Celotex claim review process will remain the same; however, now you will be able to manage all your DCPF claims in one, simple, comprehensive system – Trust Online.

What does this mean for your firm?

  1. Electronic Filer Agreement (EFA) – You will need to register to use Trust Online for processing your Celotex claims by executing a new Celotex EFA. This form must be filled out completely, including all required signatures.  Once the EFA is reviewed and approved, an account will be created for your Firm Super User (FSU), and your firm will have access to your Celotex claims in Trust Online.
  2. Electronic Release Agreement – If your firm already has an Online Release Agreement, or you would like to begin accepting releases online, you will need to register by executing a new Celotex Electronic Release Agreement for Trust Online.
  3. New Features – Trust Online features will now be available for your Celotex claim inventory which  include, but are not limited to:
    • The ability to view the status of your claim(s) in real-time, anywhere in the review process.  All changes will be available immediately for your review.
    • An enhanced Bulk Upload tool will allow you to submit new claims, upload documents and edit existing claims.
    • Efficient and streamlined reporting functionality will provide access to real- time Reports and Firm Notifications.
    • The capability to manage your entire DCPF claim(s) inventory using one system.
  4. Web Service & Bulk Upload Users – Updated requirements and instruction will be sent to all users.  We anticipate that our staging environment will be available for testing one month prior to the migration.
  5. Training – Webinars will be offered before and after the migration.  Please contact websupport at (866) 665-5789 or websupport@celotextrust.com  to schedule a webinar.
  6. Questions – Our Web Support team will be available to answer any question you may have regarding the transition.
  7. Future Updates – Once the migration date is confirmed, an update will be sent and webinars will be scheduled.

Within the next few weeks, you will receive the new Celotex EFA and the Electronic Release Agreement for Trust Online. We look forward to enhancing your claim management process with DCPF.

Please contact Web Support with any questions that you may have regarding the migration.

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