Administrative HoldA temporary hold placed on a claim by the Trust until a specific issue is resolved.
Bar DateThe deadline date established by the Bankruptcy Court to file a Proof of Claim, March 15, 1996.
Claim ClosedThe claim is paid and the settlement check has cleared.
ClaimantHolder of an Asbestos PI claim.
DCP ClaimDefined as Discounted Cash Payment. The DCP election is designed primarily for claimants who easily can be determined by the Trust to have valid Asbestos Personal Injury Claims and who desire to have a fixed and certain payment made expeditiously rather than wait for individualized review. The DCP method allows claimants to elect a single, cash payment that will be paid rapidly and requires a less burdensome application process for pursuing claims.
Deferral An option to file a claim, but to put on hold and not be processed at that time. Deferral serves as a placeholder for the claim in the Trust's review queue. The claimant may later choose any available filing or payment option.
Deficient ClaimThe claim is missing information that is required by the Trust.
Deficiency CodeThe codes generated to send notices.
DraftA claim created on the website but not yet submitted. It is saved on the website until it is submitted to the Trust.
Duplicate ClaimA duplicate is a claim received by the Trust that matches another claim for the same injured party, which already appears in the Celotex database. The Trust can process only one claim per injured party for a single injury. Duplicate claims are placed on administrative hold until the issue is resolved.
Electronic Filer AgreementTo access Celotex Online, the user registers with the Trust by executing the Electronic Filer Agreement that governs the terms of the user's access.
Exigent ClaimA claim qualifies as an Exigent Health claim if it proves to be a Mesothelioma and the claimant was alive when the claim was filed. It may also qualify if a physician has diagnosed the claimant as having an asbestos-related illness and a declaration or affidavit is made under penalty of perjury by a physician who has examined or treated the claimant within one hundred twenty (120) days of the date of the declaration or affidavit in which the physician states there is substantial medical certainty that the asbestos-related disease is terminal.
External Claim AuditThe Trust is governed by the Second Amended and Restated Asbestos Personal Injury Claims Resolution Procedures (the CRP). Section 7.3 of the CRP requires that the Trust perform an external audit of the exposure information and medical proof submitted to the Trust.
Extreme Hardship ClaimsA claim qualifies for Extreme Hardship if it can be determined that the claimant needs exceptional financial assistance on an immediate basis based on the claimants expenses and all sources of available income.
FIFOWhen a claim form is submitted to the Trust, either by mail or through Celotex Online, it is assigned an order for processing called First-In-First-Out, or FIFO.
Foreign ClaimA claim containing any exposure that occurred outside of the US Territories.
Group Check Payment OptionThe Trust offers law firms the option to receive settlement funds in one monthly aggregate, referred to as group checks.
ILOThe acronym stands for International Labor Organization. For the Trust?s purposes, it refers to the system for classifying chest x-rays. The system provides a simple method for evaluating chest x-rays with abnormalities caused by the inhalation of all types of dust, including asbestos. The ILO refers to the severity of fibrosis found by the chest x-ray, with 0/0 being a normal x-ray and 3/4 indicating the most severe interstitial disease (generally, injured persons with ASB have an ILO between 0/1 and 1/2).
Indirect ClaimA claim filed by another entity based on a verdict, judgment or settlement obtained by a claimant who filed or may file a claim with the Trust. The indirect claimant is seeking payment from the Trust by asserting a theory of contribution.
Injured Person/PartyThe individual who was directly injured due to exposure to asbestos.
Intake DeficientWhen a claim is missing basic Intake information, such as a Social Security number or an alleged injury.
InterstitialThe tissue between the air sacs of the lung.
IRC ClaimDefined as Individualized Review Claim. The IRC is designed for claimants with serious or fatal asbestos-related injuries whose bodily injury claims (asbestos personal injury claims) require the added effort and expense of individualized evaluation. The individualized review provides a claimant with an individual consideration and evaluation of his or her claim.
Law Firm Address ChangeWhen a law firm has changed its address, the Trust must be notified in writing. Electronic mail is not acceptable.
Law Firm Name ChangeWhen a law firm changes its name, the Trust must be notified in writing. Office Managing attorney's signature is required on the law firm's letterhead. Electronic mail is not acceptable.
Liquidated ValueThe value paid at the current payment percentage times the gross settlement value (IRC claim only).
Lung CancerA malignancy that may be related to asbestos exposure. There are three major cell typesadenocarcinoma, squamous cell, and oat cell. Adenocarcinoma is somewhat more prevalent in people exposed to asbestos. Asbestos exposure combined with cigarette smoking greatly increases the risks of lung cancer.
Maximum ValueThe highest value awarded to only those claims with the most serious injuries and severe exposure to Celotex and/or Carey Canada asbestos products (IRC claim only).
Mesothelioma (Meso)A malignant tumor of the pleura, the peritoneum, or the pericardium. There may be a long latency period (up to 40 years) between initial asbestos exposure and diagnosis of the disease. There is no known cure and the disease is generally fatal within one to two years of diagnosis. Approximately 90% of mesothelioma cases have had recognized exposure to asbestos.
Notice of Last Day to FileDocument sent to all persons who asserted that they were or may have been exposed to asbestos products and have manifested or may manifest an asbestos related injury. This document notified the claimant to file a Proof of Claim by the Bar Date of March 15, 1996.
Offer IssuedStatus of a claim which means the release was mailed to the claimant for settlement.
Other Cancers (OCA)Other cancers associated with asbestos exposure include colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal cancer, and stomach cancer.
Paid AmountThe total amount paid on all claim settlements.
Paid ClaimThe claim settlement check is issued.
Past Trial DateThe trial date provided on the claim form has passed without the Trust being notified of the outcome of the trial.
Payment PercentageThe percentage of full liquidated value that all present and future claims are likely to receive for IRC claims, subject to review and recalculated by the Trustees on an annual basis.
PeritonealThe serous membrane that lines the walls of the abdominal cavity and folds inward to enclose the viscera.
Place in QueueThe field located on the claim summary screen in Celotex Online that displays the number of claims ahead of your claim in the Review or Re-review queue. From this screen click on the Place in Queue field, which will provide the average monthly claims being reviewed. Compare this number with the claim's place in queue to determine approximately when it may be reviewed.
Pre-Petition SettlementAn Asbestos Personal Injury Claim that was liquidated by settlement agreement entered into prior to the Celotex/Carey Canada bankruptcy or by verdict or judgment entered prior to bankruptcy that had become final and non-appealable, or by settlement approved by the Bankruptcy court.
Pro Se ClaimantAn individual who has filed or intends to file an asbestos personal injury claim on his/her own behalf without representation of counsel.
Proof of Claim (POC)The document required by the Bankruptcy court for all persons who asserted bodily injury claims. This helped to identify the extent of the bodily Injury claims against Celotex Corporation / Carey Canada Inc. in order to maximize the funds available for legitimate claims. The POC was required to be received by the Bankruptcy Court on or before March 15, 1996.
Ready to ReviewThe claim is pending review.
ReviewThe claim is in the review process.
Scheduled ValueThe values established during bankruptcy proceedings for each disease category with similar injuries and exposure. These values reflect the average tort litigation values and the amounts paid historically by Celotex and Carey Canada as compensatory damages (IRC claim only).
Statute of LimitationsThe deadline for filing a claim with the Trust based on the TDP, as well as the claimant's applicable jurisdiction.
UpgradeWhen the claimant wishes to change the claim type from a DCP to an IRC.
Deficiency Report
This report provides the user with a PDF, CSV or Excel file that displays a list of standard deficiencies grouped by attorneys. The information provided in the detailed report includes the Claim Number, Firm File #, Last Name, First Name, last four digits of the SSN, Pending Paperwork and Claim Status.
Place In Queue Report
This report provides the user with a PDF, CSV or Excel file that displays a list of claims that are in the Review and Re-Review Queues with their respective 'Place In Queue' number. This report which is grouped by status includes the Attorney Name, Claim #, Firm File #, Injury, Process Option, Injured Party, the last four digits of the SSN Place In Queue and Received Date.
Claim Status by Trust Report
This report provides the user with a PDF, CSV or Excel file that displays a list of all claims submitted to the trust grouped by claim status. The information provided include the Claim #, Firm File #, Full Name, the last four digits of the SSN and Attorney Name.
Payment Extract Report
This report provides the user with a CSV file that displays a list of paid claims for a specific date range and trust. The information provided in the report includes the Trust, Firm Name, Attorney Name, Claim Number, Claimant Name, Payment Date, Principal Amount, Sequence Adjustment Amount and the Firm File Number.
Claims Under Edit Report
This report provides the user with a CSV file that displays a list of claims that are currently being edited by the law firm. The information provided includes the Trust, Claim Number, Account User (editing the claim), Account Name, Account Email, Firm Name, Attorney, Edit Date (start date), Linked, Status, Queue and Firm File Number.