You must choose between two types of claim filing processes: Individualized Review Claim (IRC) or Discounted Cash Payment (DCP) claims. The DCP option is a much shorter process resulting in a quicker response for payment. The Individual Review option undergoes a more detailed review and the value of the claim is determined by the information provided.


  • Shorter process resulting in quicker response;
  • Processed first, in order of first received by the Trust;
  • Single, fixed payment;
  • All claims are evaluated identically. All claims of the same disease category receive the same payment;
  • All Expedited Review claims are evaluated identically.


  • Undergoes a more detailed review;
  • Processed after DCP claims received on the same date, per instructions. The most serious disease category processed first;
  • Two payments. Second payment paid two years after first payment;
  • Payment percentage re-evaluated yearly. Offer could be less than DCP offer;
  • Individualized evaluation;