Instructions for Filing a Discount Cash Payment (DCP) Claim

The discounted cash payment election is designed primarily for claimants who easily can be determined by the Trust to have valid Asbestos Personal Injury Claims and who desire to have a fixed and certain payment made expeditiously rather than wait for individualized review. The discounted cash payment method allows claimants to elect a single, cash payment that will be paid rapidly and that requires a less burdensome application process for pursuing claims.

How to Initiate a Claim

If a claimant is qualified and elects to file a claim, he or she must file a complete Claim Form and submit all supporting documentation indicated.

Where to Submit Claim Forms

All paper submissions to the Celotex Trust should be addressed to:

Celotex Asbestos Settlement Trust
P.O. Box 1036
Wilmington, DE 19899-1036

How to Qualify for Payment

To qualify for payment, a claimant must provide credible medical and exposure evidence and a submission deemed to be complete by the Celotex  Asbestos Settlement Trust.

A claimant must submit the appropriate, fully completed Claim Form, including all supporting information referenced in the form. In addition, a claimant may file online using the Trust Online website. Individuals wishing to file online may download the electronic filer agreement from the website. Any claim filing, whether electronic or on paper, that is not complete or is missing any of the required information will not be processed until completed by the claimant.

Deadline for Submitting a Claim Form

There is no deadline for submitting claims other than the requirements imposed by the applicable statute of limitation and the TDP.

Additional Information

For a complete copy of the Instructions for Filing a Claim, click here.